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Above the Fray shows that lfe is an ever changing and often unpredictable sequence of events that rarely fulfills our expectations or desires. And yet in the long run, if we can be objective in our assessment, we find that unpredictable and challenging events invariably contribute to our growth and maturity. Could it be that adversity is a message and a gift from Infinite Wisdom? Is it possible to perceive perfection in all things simply by changing our point of view? Is there some body of secret knowledge that when applied can allow us to find meaning and clarity in all events?


Above the Fray the Awareness Project:  SPECIAL REPORT

Here is your Special Report on the Awareness Project.  The goal of the project is to enhance your level of awareness, and to help you live above the fray. Each individual may define the “fray” as any problems they may be experiencing.   The fray will always be with us, but we can take advantage of this and perceive blessings even in diversity.

Introduction:  Although our lives often seem chaotic and unpredictable, there is a subtle connection to an overall positive evolutionary process that propels events and circumstances in our favor.  The process started in our corner of the universe, 15 billion years ago and continues to this moment.  Everything changes and everything evolves.  Considering all the life forms on this planet, we are the only species that possesses the innate abilities to enhance or to retard this process.  The Awareness Project is your introduction to concepts that may enhance your own personal evolution from a world of sustained insanity to a place above all that, a place of joy and peace.  The Project is based on scientific and metaphysical principles that uncover many important concepts that have previously escaped your attention.  The seeker of truth is invited to explore these concepts and apply them to their own personal evolution.

1 The Real You:  Part One

The first and most important knowledge one can acquire is to know yourself.  What is your true nature?  Why are you here, and what do you want?  These questions can now be answered in terms of science, and intuition.  We now can determine that although you came into this world in a state of spiritual perfection, life events and circumstances have created in you a false impression of how you and all of life relate to the universe.  You may believe that you are less than perfect.  You may feel that you are alone and scared.  You may feel that you are a failed version of the ideal person.   You may believe you are sick and angry. You may think you cannot forgive.   And you may think that all of this is the “normal” human condition.  In awareness you will discover your true nature, and you will rejoice in the knowledge that you need not accept the false ideas of failure, suffering, and illness.  You can increase your level of awareness and find truth, peace, and joy.  You will embrace change, you will banish egomania, and you will learn how to re-establish your connection with Infinite Wisdom.

2 The Four levels of Awareness:  Part Two

There are many levels of awareness.  You may be aware that the room is hot, but you may not be aware of why the room is hot.  You may be aware of your suffering and discontent, but you may not be aware of the causes of your misery.  We have the ability to choose the level of our awareness, but the most important thing is to become aware that we are not aware.  A grand awareness occurs when we begin to understand how our present life situation, good or bad, is of our own choosing.  The First Level of Awareness involves concepts like shame, guilt, fear, and pride.  Most of the world population functions on this level.  In the Awareness Project, we are going to ascend from this first level, through Level Two, courage and reason, through Level Three, love and joy, ultimately to Level Four:  enlightenment.

3 Natural Law:  Part Three

There is a Way.  The way is described by Natural Law.  There are manmade laws and there are natural laws.  Break a manmade law and you may not suffer the consequences.  Run a red light and unless you hit someone, or are observed by a policeman, you will go your merry way.  But if you break a natural law you will always eventually pay a price.  The first natural law is to think your own independent thoughts.  Avoid the herd because the herd is almost always wrong.  Use your imagination and intuition to determine your best path.  The second natural law is to maintain a healthy body.  You do this by the food you eat, the thoughts you think, and exercise.  The third natural law is about your relationships.  You are capable of unconditional love.  Involvement in the Awareness Project allows your perception of life to drastically change, you will reconnect with your true self, you will experience self-validation, you will not be controlled by the herd, you will live a longer more joyful life, your relationships will blossom, you will embrace change, you will be healthy, you will feel better, and you will save the world from chaos.

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